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Oman Change Country. Shop By Category. My Orders. Track Orders. Change Language. English Arabic. Important Links. Follow Us. App Download. Thus Carmody listed one MS twice. His R6, Vatican lat. It is extremely fragmentary and of no validity. D4 Bc.

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Carmody placed S2 Bc. Oen instead of St. Chabaille was more exact. The stemma Carmody C. See Chabaille C.

Liriche italiane (Voce acuta)

Italian, Spanish and German libraries may not have been sufficiently searched. Besides the Plimpton manuscript which Carmody thought was at Yale but which is at Columbia with a second manuscript, there was also a manuscript in the collection at Warwick Castle which was probably sold off in the Edwardian period and has vanished without a trace, unless it became the one destroyed in the fire at Dunkerque.

Bolognan libraria. Miniatures, including BL teaching. Related to Y. Chabaille C. Related to Y BbI.

Segre-Amar BhII. Unknown to Chabaille, Carmody. Magnificently illuminated late manuscript, Cicero text is illuminated with scene of Parliament, c. Italian scribe. Very like fr Z2, BbI. Chabaille, Carmody, Gathercole Ib. Arras association. Interlinear corrections. Miniatures, Brunetto Latino teaching, c. Magnificent miniatures.

Best exemplar of many similar early MSS. Final leaves missing. Astronomical designs. Magnificent Arras-like miniatures, c. Colophon dates Copied from B3. Grotesques mocking letter to Charles of Anjou, opening illumination, p. Unknown to Carmody.

Italian Folktales

See Capasso BhII. I gave this, , the sigla, IA. Exemplar for OE. See Chabaille, p. Miniature of Phyllis astride Aristotle. Carmody, Brayer, Vielliard, Bolton Holloway.. Carmody, Brayer, Vielliard, Bolton Holloway. Charles Samaran et Robert Marichal, Paris, , p. Italian School , Oxford , p. Chabaille, Carmody. Lucy Sandler notes is not a copy of D2, as it is made for a member of the Norfolk Gurney Gourney, Gournay family, since there is an angel with their coat of arms on the first page.

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Is like Ellesmere Chaucer. Could it have been the now-lost Warwick Castle MS? Then destroyed by fire, Napoli, Biblioteca Nazionale I. Fine early, 1st redaction, manuscript. Was unknown to Chabaille, Carmody. Listed, Brayer, Vielliard, Bolton Holloway. Etude des manuscrits latins et en langue vernaculaire. Written by Michel, North French Arras? Illuminations, cc. Berne, Burgerbibliothek Erhard Lomatzsh.

Minckwitz BhII. Bolton Holloway.

  • Renaissance in Italy, Volume 4 (of 7), by John Addington Symonds.
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  • Unknown to Carmody, Brayer, Vielliard. Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum Selection of text. Notarial, chancery script. Roux Ib. Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbiblothek Delightful miniatures. Beilage II. St Petersburg, National Library. Numerous miniatures. Like Q2, K.


    See also C. Gilson, British Museum. II, London, , p.

    Magnificently illuminated, especially bestiary section, cc. I have taken the liberty of doctoring the two versions published by Comparetti—the Piedmontese one and a Tuscan one, from Pisa 1 —and I heightened the suspense by placing the interruptions at the crucial moments. The folktales about the sister who rescues her brother or brothers changed into animals can be divided into two groups: the one where the seven sons are under a curse as in Basile, IV, 8, or in Grimm, 9 and 25 , and the other where the sole brother is transformed into a lamb as in Grimm, 11, or in my no.

    This is one of the oldest and most famous tales, which has occupied the attention of scholars for generations. The Piedmontese version I followed is faithful to the oldest tradition and includes the curious character-names and a brisk dose of rustic cunning. The beheading of a cadaver so it will not be recognized is also encountered in Pausanias, who presents the myth of Trophonius and Agamedes Description of Greece, IX, Either through the Greeks or through oriental tradition the tale entered medieval literature, in the various translations of the Book of the Seven Sages and other Italian, English, and German texts.